Commit d92fcaa9 authored by Dave Z's avatar Dave Z

af_comics: Workaround for GoComics' lazy loading images in srcset.

parent fc756975
......@@ -126,6 +126,15 @@ class Af_Comics extends Plugin {
if ($node) {
if ($node->hasAttribute("srcset") && preg_match("|/transparent\.png$|", $node->getAttribute("srcset"))) {
if ($node->hasAttribute("data-srcset")) {
$node->setAttribute("srcset", $node->getAttribute("data-srcset"));
} elseif ($node->hasAttribute("src")) {
$tpl->setVariable('ARTICLE_ID', $article_link, true);
$tpl->setVariable('ARTICLE_LINK', $article_link, true);
$tpl->setVariable('ARTICLE_TITLE', date('l, F d, Y'), true);
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