Commit 6b06a609 authored by Andrew Dolgov's avatar Andrew Dolgov

headlines toolbar: move selection links into the dropdown

parent 6293d371
......@@ -86,17 +86,23 @@ class Feeds extends Handler_Protected {
$reply .= "<span class=\"main\">";
$reply .= "<span id='selected_prompt'></span>";
$reply .= "<span class=\"sel_links\">
/*$reply .= "<span class=\"sel_links\">
<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"$sel_all_link\">".__('All')."</a>,
<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"$sel_unread_link\">".__('Unread')."</a>,
<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"$sel_inv_link\">".__('Invert')."</a>,
<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"$sel_none_link\">".__('None')."</a></li>";
$reply .= "</span> ";
$reply .= "</span> "; */
$reply .= "<select dojoType=\"dijit.form.Select\"
$reply .= "<option value=\"false\">".__('More...')."</option>";
$reply .= "<option value=\"0\" disabled='1'>".__('Select...')."</option>";
$reply .= "<option value=\"$sel_all_link\">".__('All')."</option>";
$reply .= "<option value=\"$sel_unread_link\">".__('Unread')."</option>";
$reply .= "<option value=\"$sel_inv_link\">".__('Invert')."</option>";
$reply .= "<option value=\"$sel_none_link\">".__('None')."</option>";
$reply .= "<option value=\"0\" disabled=\"1\">".__('Selection toggle:')."</option>";
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