Commit 0a8cdd4b authored by Andrew Dolgov's avatar Andrew Dolgov
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remove firefox feed subscribe integration code (obsolete)

parent 002a0e25
......@@ -1323,25 +1323,6 @@ class Pref_Feeds extends Handler_Protected {
print "</div>"; # pane
if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], "Firefox") !== false) {
print "<div dojoType=\"dijit.layout.AccordionPane\" title=\"".__('Firefox integration')."\">";
print_notice(__('This Tiny Tiny RSS site can be used as a Firefox Feed Reader by clicking the link below.'));
print "<p>";
print "<button onclick='window.navigator.registerContentHandler(" .
"\"application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed\", " .
"\"" . $this->subscribe_to_feed_url() . "\", " . " \"Tiny Tiny RSS\")'>" .
__('Click here to register this site as a feed reader.') .
print "</p>";
print "</div>"; # pane
print "<div dojoType=\"dijit.layout.AccordionPane\" title=\"".__('Published & shared articles / Generated feeds')."\">";
print "<p>" . __('Published articles are exported as a public RSS feed and can be subscribed by anyone who knows the URL specified below.') . "</p>";
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